Our Mission

President's Message

Greetings, and welcome to our official Website.
It is hard to believe that GBLO is now celebrating 10th year anniversary with a long list of achievements. As an organization, GBLO has expanded to different chapters, has created strong outreach and education programs, hosted international literary conferences that bring together the best minds promoting our literary writings, and developed numerous key publications. And we continue to grow!

We share the missions to promote, preserve and practice Nepali language and literature. Along with that we equally give importance to with different languages. Besides literary services, we have been very purposeful in our efforts to provide volunteer services to the people at disadvantages.

I’m very privileged to serve as the president for these whole years. This is the reflection of our shared responsibilities, commitment, dedication, unified mission, believe and support among our members.

We are committed to foster and support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for the growth of young writers and globalizing Nepali literature, art and culture.

This Dec. 21st – 23rd 2019, we are celebrating “International Creative Ceremony -IV”, in New Zealand. This program has already gain distinct stature and brand name. So, undoubtedly it is going to be grand and special. I invite and welcome all the writers, artists and scholars from around the globe.

Thank You
Denzome Sampang

Our Mission Statement

  • Promote the Nepali literature across the Globe.
  • Encouraging youths towards creativity through literature, and music, journalism and architecture.
  • To welcome all readers and writers who seek the to enjoy art and literature.
  • Foster and strengthen the value or literature, culture and arts.
  • To provide volunteer services to the people at disadvantages.